The easiest way to make your home your own is to get clever with accessories. More than just a place to eat and sleep, your home should be the perfect retreat. The final step in your interiors plan, home accessories should be an extension of your personality and include a carefully edited collection of finishing touches. Here are a few top tips that should help you finish your room:

Whatever you choose, your accessories should complement or contrast harmoniously with your room’s colour scheme.

Mix textures to add depth to your scheme—combine polished wood with woollen fabrics, silks cottons, linens or even leather.

Arrange accessories in odd numbers. A simple trick of the trade means that items look more balanced arranged in odd numbers.

Spend on a signature piece. Choose an arresting colour that can be paired with a chair or lamp to create a sense of welcoming.

Don’t go overboard. Keeping it simple can mean that one standout piece of art, for example, becomes the focus of the room.

Invest in quality pieces which will stand the test of time, acquire patina and become the hallmark of your home.


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