Ascot is just around the bend ( sorry for the pun in the first line) and,  fingers crossed, we may actually have some beautiful June weather to enjoy those strawberries and bubbles.

The television advertisements  may lead us to believe that it is all about the horses and the glory of winning, but for many ( or most of us) , our four legged equine friends come sadly rather  low down the pecking order when it comes to this most British of Summer events.

Of primary importance is of course HM the Queen and the Royal Parade.  Monarchist or not, we do all love to catch a glimpse of those carriages carrying current and future monarchs and their families down the course. I am sure that other nations would have their heads of state arrive at equivalent events  in glitzy Mercedes, but  it's just a bit too fast for us!

Not far behind are the hats - and  a glass ( or  bottle) or two of fizz neck and neck.
Food comes in next - which car park are you in and will it be pork pies or quails eggs?
So, when we have watched the parade, discussed the hats, drunk our fill and eaten even more, we can make our way to the course - just in time for the last race!