May Bank Holiday brings with it the start of that quintessentially English event – the summer fete. More often than not – with the vagaries of the English summer – attire for these is as much likely to be winter coats and scarves as summer frocks an T shirts.

No matter, we turn up with high hopes of winning a coconut (even if it has cost us 14 goes to get one) and ensuring we bag a jar of WI jam.

The dog shows are not for the faint hearted. These are heavily contested events, with competitions this year at our local fayre including a “most endearing eyes” competition. We were backing our neighbour’s Pointer, but in spite of some possibly non acceptable and non-country vocal support (“Come on Dog Number 83”), Gertie’s eyelashes did not endear the judges. We were robbed.

The scouts did a sterling job on the hot dog and burger stand, with budding 9 year old entrepreneurs raising hundreds (probably thousands) for the local troupe.  These events mirror our local communities, with a plethora of events as wide ranging as Tae Kwando exhibitions, motorbike wheelie competitions as well as best jam in show and Henry’s Pig racing.  Thousands turn out and almost everyone goes home happy.

I am just glad my 9 year old won 2 coconuts and saved me from embarrassment and £20 worth of tries!

Josephine Home