Whether you prefer wrapping up in one on cooler nights, or choose it to make the perfect bedroom setting, cashmere throws are a household staple worth investing in.

Josephine Home cashmere is super fine and selected from high grade Mongolian fibres. In Scotland, the yarn is washed in pure loch, or river, water as only the purest waters will remove all of the small impurities in the yarn. This special technique allows the yarn to reveal its utmost softness. The cashmere is then spun, woven and finished in Scotland.

We are one of the rare houses that exclusively uses double-ply yarns for our woven throws and we also produce products with up to 8-ply for when extra warmth and density is needed. The difference between single and double-ply is obvious to the touch and double ply gives the buttery richness of feel that is the hallmark of good quality cashmere.