The right pillow and duvet will really make a difference to the quality of your sleep. To enjoy the perfect night’s rest, follow our top tips for buying duvets and pillows.

What is a tog rating?

 A tog rating is the term used to measure a duvet’s ability to trap warm air—so the warmer the duvet, the higher the tog. 

What is Hungarian goose down filling?

Natural filled duvets have better thermal properties than synthetic ones and use less filling to achieve the same warmth. The geese are reared in Hungary’s cold climate so they produce down that is naturally insulating and soft. ‘Down’ refers to the fluffy clusters found under the feathers at the breast of the bird, which helps them to stay warm in very cold temperatures. A good quality goose down also lasts a lot longer than other fillings and has a life expectancy of up to 40 years.

For maximum comfort, pair a goose down duvet with goose down pillows that mould snugly around your head and shoulders.

What size should I choose?




140 x 200cm

Double Duvet

200 x 200cm

King Duvet

230 x 220cm

Super King Duvet

260 x 220cm

Emperor Duvet

280 x 235cm




50 x 70cm

Continental Square

65 x 65cm


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