Although we have seen a few shards of sunshine and even a touch of warmth in the sun, winter still has a long way to go.  Obviously, it would be lovely to be on that plane, headed for a month in the West Indies and avoid the winter completely, but for most of us, the reality is a little different!

What gets us through the winter, and even makes it enjoyable is actually to embrace winter - both outside and in.  Frost laden walks - maybe made easier with a pair of our cashmere and cotton socks (and made in Wales) followed by a long DVD, wrapped up in one of our wide selection of throws and a cup of tea and toast & marmite in front of the fire.  A long bath (with warmed 600gsm zero twist fluffy towels waiting) and early to bed, with either our crisp percale or luxurious sateen bed linen

Make your home into a mini luxury hotel, and enjoy the comforts experienced at your favourite hotels in the world, in your own home. 

Josephine Home - 13 February 2015