Gleneagles is a hotel with a huge reputation.  Statesmen, A-list actors and almost every major sports personality regularly come to stay and then there's us!  Although infinitely courteous, there is a relaxed way in which the staff treat every guest.  We got the feeling that we are not only hotel guests, but friends.

I particularly love hotels in the winter - because this is the time when you can really explore a hotel and enjoy your room to the full - to eat, drink, watch a much loved romcom like Something's Gotta Give and not to feel guilty that you should be climbing a hill or playing tennis!  We did wander out into the cold very briefly - a brisk walk as far as the maze and then back to the warm.  We decided to wait for spring to try falconry, and Gun Dog Training would mean we had to buy a dog!

Friends came from Stirling for dinner, but we soon scurried back to our cocoon and put on another DVD in front of the fire!  We sat and made plans to save up for a weekend in the Tower Suite - with an almost urban feel and a roof terrace with 360 degree views, this is without doubt the best place in the world to stay up late with a bottle of single malt, good friends and lots of nonsense chat.

We had to leave reluctantly after a very leisurely breakfast.  Our lucky neighbours at breakfast were tucking into their first glass of champagne as we left - clearly no flight back to Gatwick for them!

Josephine Home - 20 February 2015