No doubt thousands of Fathers will be making emergency purchases on Saturday afternoon to keep in the good books.  There will be a huge run on petrol station flowers and chocolates.  If you're not careful, all that will be left will be firelighters and kindling wood.  If you don't think that Mother will notice this, you're wrong - she will!

Mother's Day coinciding with a hint a spring sun should be about celebrating what Mothers do all year round - school runs, wiping runny noses, brushing hair, cleaning shoes, shopping, cooking and... oh yes, holding down a full time job!

We believe that the best way to celebrate this special day is with the little things.  A homemade card, a cup of tea in bed, an extra hug (from the teenagers) and maybe someone else cooking lunch?

Happy Mother's Day to all Mothers from Josephine Home.

11 March 2015