At Josephine Home, we love spending time in bed so we thought we would share our secrets to creating the perfect bed:


1. Choose good quality bed linen: Combine superior material, finely woven fibres and high thread count and you have a great bed linen. Our best-selling 500 thread count Classic Bed Linen Collection is soft, silky and super luxurious. Alternatively, the 300 thread count Island Bed Linen Collection has a percale weave, which just gets better over time as the fabric tends to mesh together. The unique feel of all Josephine Home bed linen makes sliding between the sheets irresistible.

2. Launder and store properly: There is nothing like the feel of freshly laundered fine cotton on the skin and good quality linen should both last a long time and improve with age, so it is worth taking care of. Wash at the lowest temperature (40-60 degrees) without filling the drum too tightly as water must be able to circulate to ensure a thorough wash. Always iron sheets while they are still slightly damp for an easy glide and a perfect finish. Make sure to store neatly – ideally in a separate linen cupboard, or drawer, perhaps adding a favourite scent to infuse the linen. The result will be impeccable, freshly scented linen, which should make it a treat to get into bed every night.

3. Design your perfect comfort zone: What is your ideal comfort zone? Soft and fluffy pillows? Do you need three to work comfortably in your “boffice”, but only actually sleep on two, or just one, all scrunched up? Once you have given these questions some thought, you can get to work and design your perfect haven. And just remember, without the right mattress and your perfect pillows, you can't fully appreciate excellent bed linen—you don’t want to feel bulky feathers in your pillows or sleep on a lumpy mattress, it would simply be a waste of a great opportunity to finally enjoy the rest that you deserve.

4. Don’t hold back: Your bed is your ultimate private space. Do you prefer to sleep in a cold room, but under a warm duvet? Do you welcome the reassuring weight of a heavy blanket, or do you insist on the cosiest of down duvet? Do you dream of a Princess and the Pea cosy bed, or a hard, totally flat mattress? Is a high, super size emperor bed more your style? Or do you feel happier in a double bed tucked up against a wall?

Whatever your preference, when it comes to bedding, it is an all or nothing situation and it is worth getting it right. Focus on your bedroom as your perfect space, whether you prefer it to be cool or warm, with soft lighting, fresh flowers, your favourite books and the best art in the house? Or zen-like, pure and restful? This does not mean, however, that you can't do it all on a budget but it does mean that you have to pay attention to what you are using and how you are setting up your bed – and to never worry about investing in the full works!


For more information about buying and caring for your bed linen, check out our full bed linen guide.