It’s dark from teatime to 8 am.  The weather is foul.  Christmas is over.  We are all being bombarded with advertisements, emails and flyers urging us to exercise and  get back in shape.  We all know that what we really want to do is spend more time at home, wrapped up warm, with a great selection of box sets DVDs.

Josephine Home cannot help you with your viewing choice, but we can certainly make these cold, winter days feel like an opportunity to make the most of snuggling up under the very best bed linen in the world and waiting until the sun comes back!

What better time to make a change, and invest in our superb 500 thread count Egyptian cotton duvet covers, sheets and pillow cases. We think that you will probably get more from this than an exercise bike!  The simplest things in life are the best – a cup of Earl Grey, an extra slice of toast and marmalade, Downton Abbey or Walter Mitty and all from the comfort of your bed.

We can help with your choice of size and trim colour, so please call or e mail us and let us help make the most of the Great British Winter.

Josephine Home - 10 January 2015