My office faces due East. Everyone wants  a  south or west facing garden, but I love the early morning light. It seems that with the apocalyptic weather that we have had over the last 2 months,  the sun had gone forever. So when it finally appears, on a cold January morning, it is even more welcome. The light is suffused - almost sepia like and a little melancholy, like looking at a very old photograph. The trees are bare and the land still water logged, but on a sunlit January morning  such as today, it looks very Hockneyesque, with just a glimmer  of hope for  Spring in the air. You can almost believe that there is an end in sight to the endless grey. A morning such as this one reminds us of why we love living in England, in spite of driving  rain and pitch  black mornings. The seasons need  a dark and brooding end, so let's enjoy the sun filled winter days as much as the warm spring ones, wrap up tight and put another log on the fire.