While the media fills us with nothing but doom and gloom, with news of interest rate fixing and further quantitative easing, we here at Josephine Home, like so many small and mid-size British companies, are trying our very best to actually produce well-made and beautiful goods.

I was at our warehouse on Thursday, checking our latest order to be shipped to Hong Kong – yes, an order that is actually being exported to the Far East.

The care, craftsmanship and quality that so many British companies like us strive to excel at was evident in a bespoke bed linen design, being made for an international hotel group in Hong Kong.

Aside from the political and economic conditions of banks refusing to lend to essentially sound companies unless under the most onerous of conditions, and politicians unable to exert any influence on the banks, let alone able to prevent the millions that could be lent being spent on exit bonuses - we should all take pride that we are still here, essentially on our own, continuing to produce beautifully made items in the UK and Europe, for customers both at home and abroad.

So, take heart - to actually exist at the moment is to succeed. Take pride - as we produce genuine products and provide jobs for genuine people. Take hope - if the banks do ever listen to Vince Cable, good, long standing businesses can be helped through the most difficult economic times in living memory, to continue to do what they have always done - make things, beautifully.


-Martin Betts