Whatever you have been doing during the day, whether slaving over a hot computer terminal, dragging the children to yet another party or negotiating the supermarket aisles, what better way to unwind at the end of the day than luxuriating in the bath or under a fierce power shower.

There is nothing worse (possibly other than bad bed linen) than scratchy, cardboard towels that have been in the airing cupboard since the 1970's and will take off as much skin as water!

As with bed linen, many people make a huge investment into refurbishing their bathroom, but will then scrimp on the final and most essential element, the bath towels and bath mats.

Josephine Home provides only the very best zero twist (which gives extra fluffiness) 600gms weight towels and a double weight 11200gms bath mat to ensure that you are enveloped in the finest, warmest and most luxurious cotton.

From face cloths through to all embracing bath sheets, we will ensure that all 1970s velour will be banished forever!

Josephine Home - 11 November 2014