As duties go, this had been a tough one. My octogenarian parents are basking in the sun in New Zealand for 3 months and meanwhile Stephanie boldly volunteers to coordinate the interior redecoration of their drawing room, last touched in 1978

Three return trips from Henley to East Sussex along the most miserable stretch of the M25, where even the birds seem to have to queue, are taking their toll on us.  

The A3/ M25 intersection therefore is not the most picturesque nor romantic location for the vision therefore that then suddenly appears through the drizzle: A spectacular double rainbow.

The first cuts a swathe through the cloud and arches fully over the entire width of the M25, as if to beckon us through from Surrey into Bekshire.

For a few minutes, we actually want the traffic to slow, even to come to a full standstill. The M25 obliges and  then , as if to complete the ridiculous juxtaposition of traffic, fumes and tarmac set against the splendour of nature, a second rainbow appears behind the first.

We pass through the first and hope that the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is   a free running inside lane and a cup of tea.   

March 21st 2014