The Josephine Home scented candle collection is made in England, using natural essences blended by hand. Each of the bespoke fragrances has been developed in collaboration with a ‘couture perfume nose’ and is reminiscent of the best of each British season. 

216 is a delicate spring scent centred on British daisy and bergamot blossom. It alludes to the very first day of the season when dew-covered blooms begin to emerge.

171 evokes a summer drive in countryside lanes, taking in heady aromas of fresh mint and vintage iris, with a touch a soft leather.

157 conjures the end of summer with an early autumn walk in crimson woods. Extracts of birch leaf, bay oil, Norfolk lavender are combined with a touch of powdery vanilla.

167 harks back to a well-deserved fireside drink after an invigorating day spent in winter field games. A top note of Juniper berries is carefully blended with the scent of waxed leather and a touch of clary sage and cedar wood.

These evocative scents are the perfect backdrop for creating a soothing and sophisticated aroma around your home – all year round.