Given that England is the country of four seasons in one day, as the seasons do change, so you may wish to change the look of your bedroom.

You don't have to redecorate to give a fresh look. Here are just a few ideas that will give your bedroom a simple makeover

1. Choose a lighter  cotton for your bed linen for the summer. In winter, a cosy sateen  cotton will keep you warm , but as the sun emerges, try a fresher percale cotton - crisp and clean, you can imagine you're on a Greek Island already.

2. Freshen your throws and cushions - linen cushions again give a light, breezy feel to a bedroom and light, neutral throws add an air of space    

3.  You may have a spare set of curtains - a quick dry clean for those that have been in storage and a room is noticeably different.

4. Finally, flowers will bring light, smell and life into your bedroom. Even a few wild flowers from an overgrown garden will make the difference.

These are not expensive changes - and if they don't work - well, you can change it all back!

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