Whether you want to change the overall look of a room or would like to add interest to your crisp, plain white bed linen, using a mix of throws and cushions is a good place to start.

We love mixing colours but putting different textures together also gives us a thrill - combine smooth with textured by mixing our Lambswool Angora Throws with a Mini Chunky or Chunky Knit Throw.

Creating this mix with plain bedding, such as our Classic Bed Linen Collection, will not only add a touch of cosy warmth, but will insert a dash of colour to your otherwise simple bedscape. Pair neutral shades, such as our Lambswool Angora in beige or earl grey with stag or slate or for a brighter twist, combine a burnt orange Mini Chunky Knit with a raspberry hue.

For added interest, combine with a scattering of cushions – our Corduroy Cushion Square in plum, hot pink or hay will also insert a pop of colour. For spring, choose the John Stefanidis Floral cushion in pea or birch.

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