We moved in to our house exactly a year ago, with a bevy of builders still in residence inside and a pair of ducks with their new brood of 13 ducklings outside.

A year on and the builders and the ducklings have all moved on (only just - in the case of the builders).  All were well fed for 3 months but, as is the cycle of life, finally fled the nest.

Last Sunday morning, as I opened the front door for the papers (yes - we have a paper delivery here on a Sunday as well) I was introduced to nine new ducklings by their mother, expectantly waiting for Sunday breakfast.

So Spring is finally here.

The ducklings will face many challenges: foxes, herons, the red kites that circle with impunity and this year, there are no builders to protect the family while they work. So more responsibility falls on my shoulders - both Mother Duck and the Builders expect me to feed and protect all nine. I am not sure whom I am more scared of!   

April 15th 2014