what makes us different

our exceptional feel

We work hard to ensure our products are designed and finished to genuinely feel like no other bed linen, for their entire lifespan

what makes us different

Our rock solid credentials

We have been endorsed by the most discerning and demanding clients, from rock stars to luxury hotel groups, from Mandarin Oriental to Soho House. So yes, our products have been tested by the best of the best. In addition, we test all our linen with independent laundry engineers to ensure its longevity in top condition, because we want every one of our clients to be fully satisfied

what makes us different

our understated simplicity

We believe that true chic lies in relaxed elegance and we always ensure that our products remain subtly pared down but are high on detailing and finishing, just like a bespoke Savile Row suit....our technical inspiration behind the brand

what makes us different

Our lighter footprint on the planet

Sustainability was at the heart of our brand from the very beginning and we work in close collaboration with European artisan mills to help them improve the sustainability of their production

Customer support

How can we help you?

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