Making memories

Next weekend I get to celebrate my fourth Mother’s Day, and my second with two children. Although I have dreams of long lie ins, breakfast in bed, beautiful flowers and lovely cards, realistically it's more likely going to be slobbery kisses, and the boys stealing my toast. Because naturally my toast is far superior to their identical piece. But I know I am lucky to have two wonderful boys, who on the whole, never fail to make me laugh and warm my heart.p>Since having my own children, it has made me take a step back and appreciate everything my mother did for me growing up. The endless trips to museums, packed lunches, the reading the same bedtime story again and again, and all the other things that parents do for their children.

One of my favourite things to do when I was little was to curl in into my parents bed, snuggle between them and watch a movie. My parents have a lovely four poster bed, with huge pillows and what felt like the world's largest duvet. It felt so special to be able to curl up between them, pick a movie and spend time together. Universally I think all children love the chance to be able to spend time in their parents bed. It where you get comfort when you are sick, it feels safe, and being able to cuddle up with your parents is something all children enjoy.

I have started to do this with my boys. I want my room to be somewhere that they have memories of spending quality time with their mom and dad, watching movies, reading books and just being together. My Draper London linen definitely helps achieve this. It make my bed somewhere that everyone wants to snuggle into, and because they wash so well, I have no fear of a messy 18 month old and 3.5 year old climbing in. It means I get to enjoy Moana, snuggled with the boys and my husband, snacking on popcorn, hummus and carrot sticks, apple juice and milk, without the stress of worrying about mess and laundry.

A quick wash, a dry in the sunshine, and my sheets look as good as they day I bought them. Which to me makes them irreplaceable. Family movie time and creating memories is more important than worrying about laundry, and with Draper London linen, I don’t have to.