Premium Alpaca Herringbone Scarf - Silver


An impossibly soft & silky scarf with a beautiful herringbone weave and an 'eyelash' fringe. The finest alpaca wool you will ever touch - feeling is believing!

Alpaca fleece has a hollow fibre which renders it uniquely light and up to 30% warmer than the same weight of merino wool. Once you feel it you’ll see. Alpaca has no lanolin content, meaning it’s hypoallergenic, which together with an absence of the ‘prickle factor’ associated with ordinary wool makes it ideally suited for babies and sensitive skins. It is up to 4 times harder wearing than the best wool and does not pill or ball. 

100% Premium Baby Alpaca

Dimensions: 30 (w) x 180 (l)cm

Special Care Instructions

  1. Cool hand wash using mild detergent (such as baby shampoo or a fine fibres formula)
  2. Cool iron.
  3. Do not use Bleach or Woolite.
  4. May be dry-cleaned, but we recommend using eco-friendly dry cleaner.
  5. Do not hang.
  6. Dry flat.

As all of these throws are made with 100% natural materials, airing the item will give it a new lease of life. For any queries please contact us directly. 

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