Heritage evokes the comfort and reassurance that we all cannot help but be fond of. By hearing the story of a product or brand, we develop a stronger sense of connection and a better understanding of what makes it great. The experience of genuine quality immediately becomes addictive.

We believe at Josephine Home that the journey of the product, what inspired it and how it is made, are equally important. Starting small with a made-to-measure service, our aim has always been to produce the very best quality in the world for each of our products, in each of their categories. Through this personal and focused approach, we had the opportunity to work closely, on a small scale, with the very best craftsmen in Great Britain and Continental Europe.

On the strength of our bespoke work, we realised that if we could do this service well, we could do anything. The experience we have gathered over these early years has meant that we now know the hallmarks of a great product. We believe that bespoke can never be a “quick fix” but instead it should be, and is, a journey. 

For Josephine Home, provenance is about the combination of love, care and level of expertise that goes into creating each and every one of our products. All of our craftsmen have many years and often centuries of accumulated expertise at our (and your) service and what sets them apart is the unique combination of skill, passion and pride. We work closely with every workshop to develop products exclusive to Josephine Home. Watch our short video here to see how our products are made.