Allerban Hyper Allergenic Pillow


Luxury Allerban Pillow filled with a top of the range synthetic fill, this pillow can be washed repeatedly and the filling does not clump due to its ball fibre nature. Gathering in soft clusters, it closely replicates the feeling and handle of Down and is perfect for those that do not want a feather or down filling. Its popularity with hotels tells us all we need to know.

A great product, they offer the optimum level of support to sleep or read and will always look plumped. A plus when you want your bed to look inviting! It took us a long time to find the perfect partner for our super soft linen but it was worth the wait.

TIP: We recommend the longer pillows (50 x 90 cm) for Super King size beds and above and the square pillows for additional support when reading, or for decorative purposes.

Call us on 020 7751 0100 or email us on if you need any help to set up your perfect "bedscape".   

Machine washable at 40 degrees

Made in the UK

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